I’m rubbish at blogging lately.

I’m rubbish at blogging lately.

I’m so sorry everyone; I used to be such an avid blogger, writing daily, sometimes more than once. But now, I barely remember I even have a blog sometimes. It’s so hectic at home lately, I’m on the go all day, every day. By the evening, I’m so exhausted that once J is in bed, I get the rest of my jobs done, then collapse in a heap on the sofa. The last thing on my mind by that point, is blogging. But, when I think about it, I do miss it. I miss that daily release of emotions, frustrations, triumphs, proud moments, venting…. all of it. At the same time though, I don’t want my blog to become stale and all the same. Whilst life is hectic, it’s not really blog worthy most days if I’m honest. I don’t think there’d be many people who’d really want to read about a mundane day where nothing really happened. What I had for breakfast, is hardly an enthralling read! 

I shall do a little catch up in this post, of some of the things going on in the life of the unfiltered mum! 

So, as you know from my last post (I think…. ) I saw the consultant at the endo clinic, who was pretty convinced that I do have some degree of endometriosis, but wanted me to have an MRI. I’m still baffled by this, as soooooo many people have told me that the laparoscopy is the only way to 100% confirm and diagnose endo. But, I’m booked in for the MRI in a couple weeks (23rd, what a nice way to spend the day before Christmas Eve eh!!). Probably then an anxious wait over Christmas to then find out the results. Prior to the MRI though, on the 19th (I think), I’m booked in to have the Mirena Coil fitted. I’m absolutely terrified. I’ve read both positive and negative experiences of people who’ve had it. The negatives are what my brain decides to focus on. I guess I’m just so used to always getting the rough end of the stick, and pure bad luck. But I’m trying to be more open minded about it, as it may very well be amazing for me, I don’t know until I try it. And, if there’s any issues with it, it’s easily removed anyway (most of the time!). 

I’ve also recently had loads of blood tests, had to fast for it too, as they tested for a lot of stuff, but amongst them, was type 2 diabetes. I’ve since had the results via text, and all came back normal except Cholesterol was a bit high. So that needs looking at asap. I’m seeing my doctor on Thursday, so hopefully she can shed some light on the ins and outs of my blood results. You can’t always trust the texts anyway. 

But there has to be a reason for the way I’m feeling recently. Always tired, like to the point where if I sit still too long, or make the mistake of laying down at any point, I will quickly fall asleep. It gets so hard to keep my eyes open. All my joints ache, even my fingers. My wrists are pretty bad too, and hips, knees and feet. After sitting for a while, or in the mornings when getting out of bed, I really struggle. The stiffness is so intense, that it can take me a good few minutes to get from our bedroom, across the landing and into the bathroom in the morning, that you’d think I was about 90!! I honestly feel like my body is just breaking constantly, adding new shit to the mix, just for fun! Currently getting super frustrated as I type this, with restless legs (RLS), I literally can’t stop my lets from twitching or the constant urge that I need to move about. It gets worse the more tired I get too, and I’ve not long taken my medication too, so that’s likely playing a part! 

I think I’m rambling now, as my eyes keep crossing and going out of focus. So I’ll call it a night, and try get back on here soon. 

As ever, much love to you all. 


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