Evening everyone,

Amazingly, its Sunday, and I’m actually blogging!! It’s a miracle 😂

Anyway, sadly it shall be fairly brief, as I’m currently being attacked by the damn flu virus and just want my bed…. ugh.

But, I wanted to make you all aware (if you’ve not yet noticed) the name and URL of my blog has changed today. It has happened for a couple of reasons, the first one being, I became the target of harrassment and abuse by online trolls/bullies, on my Facebook page. I won’t go into full details, as its irrelevant to be honest, but it was a continuous stream of reviews and comments, making out that I’m some kind of bully and awful person on social media. Those who know me in person, and those that have followed my blog for sometime, will know that isn’t who I am at all. I’m probably the least likely person to be a bully, having been the victim of bullies several times in my life. Although, I did think that that was all left behind in childhood and teen years, to fall victim to it again in my 30s has shaken my confidence somewhat I’ll admit. The comments were completely irrelevant to my blog or page anyway, as none of those commenting had ever liked my page or read my blog! Despite numerous reports of harrassment to Facebook, nothing was done. The people behind it then blocked me, so I couldn’t see their posts, but my friends and other followers of my page could. How that works I have no idea, Facebook is littered with flaws. So I made the decision to cut ties with the name and page, and start fresh. Besides, if you search on Facebook for The Unfiltered Mum, there’s many pages and groups, with varying adaptions to the name, so it wasn’t as unique as it originally was. So in a way, it’s probably a blessing in disguise!

So, I’m going forward as Mumma:7716. Which actually feels much better anyway, more accurate and relevant in many ways. As time has passed since the start of this blog, its evolved and my life has had added things thrown into the mix, that I feel can be better covered under the new name anyway. It’s the day I became a mum, and my new chapter in life began, so all in all, I’m kinda in love with it 😍 (yeah I’m weird….).

Right, soon be time to take more pills, generously apply vicks, put comfy pjs on and collapse into bed!

Good night all, and keep your eyes peeled for more posts coming soon, as I have some in “draft” mode to edit and publish!

Much love, X

2 thoughts on “Reboot/Refresh

  1. I’m so sorry about the harrassment, that’s terrible! I think you’re amazing and I love your blog posts…they always give me a chuckle at least, lol. Also sorry you have been under the weather, that really stinks! Will send many prayers your way to help you recover quicker. Keep doing what you do girl! I for one, love your posts!!

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