A little something I wrote….

A little something I wrote….

It matters not, the colour of your skin.
It matters not, your chosen religion.
It matters not, your sexuality.
It matters not, your gender identity.
It matters not, what clothes you wear.
It matters not, how you style your hair. It matters not, your body size.
It matters not, if you’re confident or shy.
It matters not, if you’re rich or poor.
It matters not, what you do for a living.

But I’ll tell you what matters.
More than all of the above.
Respect and kindness.
Honesty and love.
Open-mindedness and acceptance.
Support and friendship.
Truth and peace.

Be true to yourself, and let others be too.
You’re beautiful, you’re enough,
You’re stronger than you think.
Love is love, and family is family.
Don’t judge or criticise, accuse or blame.
Don’t tell people how they feel is wrong.
Don’t tell people how they identify as is wrong.

There is no wrong way to feel.
There is no wrong way to identify yourself.

Your feelings are valid, you’re .
Don’t ever be ashamed, for being yourself.
Always be yourself, your best self, your honest self, and never, let the world change you because you’re different.
Our differences are what make us unique.
Opinions are just opinions, they don’t change the facts.
Hold on, pain ends.